Lucky for me, restaurant week was in full swing during my summer trip to New York. There are HUNDREDS of participating restaurants and bars all throughout Manhattan and a handful in Brooklyn and Queens. During NYC Restaurant Week you can choose between a $25 lunch or a $38 dinner, both options are three courses, at some of the best spots in the city. Participating restaurants weren’t made available until about a week prior to the first day of restaurant week. Most of them have a special menu for restaurant week. I really wish the restaurant week website were better for choosing an eatery based on your location and/or the type of cuisine that you’re looking for. Not being a native New Yorker, it was very overwhelming to try and find a place close to where I was. I had heard of many of the high-end participating restaurants, like Cipriani and Nobu, but I was very underwhelmed when I took a peek at their restaurant week menus. I saw “Chef’s Special” listed several times for many popular restaurants. I got the Yelp app upon arriving to NYC because the reviews are mostly from New Yorkers’ perspectives, as I had heard many of them use the app. This is how I found Fig & Olive. They have three locations in Manhattan and a few in different states as well. I chose to dine at the Fig & Olive downtown location in the Meatpacking District during restaurant week because their menu had a lot of variety and offered several choices for each of the courses.

Restaurant Review; Fig & Olive 1

The fully-stocked wine bar at the Fig & Olive downtown location in New York City.


Restaurant Review; Fig & Olive 2

I chose the Truffle Mushroom Croquette for my appetizer. It is made with cremini mushrooms, parmesan, béchamel, and served with truffle olive oil aioli. This was definitely my favorite course. It’s literally some of my favorite ingredients – mushrooms and cheese – in little fried balls of perfection. Oh and then you have the aioli to swipe it through… Heaven.

Restaurant Review; Fig & Olive 3

My mom chose the Salmon Crudo for her appetizer, which is topped with orange, grapefruit, dill, lemon, scallion, and Arbequina olive oil. This was delicious as well. I’ve never been much of a seafood eater, though I have started eating salmon in my sushi over the last year. I love the taste both smoked and raw, but the texture is too much for me when it is cooked. I thought the orange, grapefruit, and lemon brought out the flavor of the salmon well.


Restaurant Review; Fig & Olive

My main course dish was the summer vegetable fettuccine with Ayala goat cheese mousse, fresh tomato, baby kale, pesto, snow pea, grilled asparagus, and Arbequina olive oil. Instead of a traditional alfredo sauce, the fettuccine was tossed with the olive oil. It was a perfect summer pasta dish – light and fresh.


For the final course, we had the Dessert “Crostini” and the Panna Cotta A L’Orange. The crostini was a square shortbread cookie with marscapone topped with fresh strawberries and drizzled with balsamic. The cookie was soft and was a perfect base for the rest of the ingredients. The latter was similar to a parfait – with orange panna cotta as the base, strawberry and basil jam as the second layer, and topped with cookie crumbles. The “parfait” was accompanied by an incredible orange sorbet. Both desserts were delicious and it was nice to have the opportunity to try both.

I was very impressed with Fig & Olive and definitely recommend it. It was one of the few restaurants that I looked at that had regular menu items as options for the restaurant week menu. I also appreciate that their menu is seasonal. While I was using the Fig & Olive website to write this post, I noticed that the meatpacking location has an affordable prix fixe $25 lunch menu during the week (Monday through Friday) that features almost all of the dishes mentioned in this post.

Bon appetit!

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I was pleasantly surprised by the Met. This was my third time in NYC but my first visit to the Met. I didn’t realize how gigantic it was! I had the same overwhelming feeling after looking at the map that I did when I was trying to navigate the Louvre in Paris. I usually steer clear of big museums like this (at least while visiting for a short time) because I feel like I need to spend a full day, usually more, to actually see and appreciate everything. But the Met is a classic and free (they run on donations, not ticket sales!) New York attraction. I spent most of my time wandering through the “China; Through the Looking Glass” exhibit because it featured some INCREDIBLE Chinese-inspired fashion, including pieces from YSL, Dior, Chanel, and Chinese designers such as Guo Pei. The Anna Wintour Costume Center continued with the theme and contributed to the already expansive collection. This exhibit has been extended and will be on display until September 7th, 2015 so definitely make time for a visit if you’ll be in NYC around this time. I was glad that I got to visit the Met and hopefully one day when I live in NYC, I will have the opportunity to get lost in this impeccable museum that has so much to offer.

Travel Feature; New York City Art Museums 1

“Magnificent Gold” gown by Chinese designer Guo Pei. The gown is representative of a lotus flower and, according to the designer, took 50,000 hours to create.

Travel Feature; New York City Art Museums 2

Sequin gown by Tom Ford for Yves Saint Laurent on display in the Anna Wintour Costume Center at the Met.

Travel Feature: New York City Art Museums 3

“Blue & Porcelain”, the second of Guo Pei’s two designs on display in the “China: Through the Looking Glass” exhibit.

Travel Feature: New York City Art Museums 4

The Anna Wintour Costume Center at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Yellow sequin gown by Tom Ford for Yves Saint Laurent.

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The Overall Effect 1

Without sounding too much like a seven year old 90’s girl, I have to admit that these overalls have been my summer staple. They have a relaxed fit, but are not too baggy and the wash is perfect and matches just about everything. I have thrown them in my bag for every getaway this summer because they’re completely versatile and they can be dressed up (kind of how they are in this look) or just worn with a graphic t-shirt and converse for an effortless look.

Overall 2
Overall 3
Overall 4
Overall 5
Overall 6
Overall 7

August 2015

I was wearing;

American Eagle Overalls
H&M Peasant Shirt
Target Mossimo Gold Platform Sandals
Quay Australia Quay x Shay Vesper Sunglasses

“The Overall Effect” Photographed by Arturo Guzman

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Top of the Rock

I was so glad that I got to visit the Top of the Rockefeller Center on such a sunny and beautiful NYC summer day. This was the perfect outfit for strolling around the city on a hot day. I’ve had both of these pieces for awhile but never thought to wear them together until I was packing for my trip. I love the idea of mixing prints but the result is not always as pretty as you hope. I think what works here is that they both have the harsh black as a common denominator and even though they are both “bold” prints, they aren’t busy. 75% of my closet is stripes and I love these shorts because the vertical “prison stripes” are super unique.

Top of the Rock
Top of the Rock 1
Top of the Rock
Top of the Rock
Top of the Rock
Top of the Rock

July 2015

I was wearing;

Forever 21 Dot Crop Tee
American Eagle Striped Shorts
Target Mossimo Sandals
Quay Australia Quay x Shay Vesper Sunglasses

“Top of the Rock in Stripes & Dots” Photographed by Terry Davis

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