Rose Gold Glam 1

If there is one opportunity where it’s perfectly acceptable to wear sequins, it’s New Year’s Eve. Like most girls, I love sparkly things but it’s sometimes hard to find a good NYE number that doesn’t look like it came from a pre-teen’s closet. This post features two of my all-time favorite Forever 21 finds including this beautifully appropriate rose-gold dress and my beloved dusty rose peacoat. I’ve worn these feminine pieces time and time again and each time I slip them on, I still can’t believe I paid less than $50 for them. Even though Forever 21 is known for trendy, fast fashion, I still like to buy timeless pieces that won’t go out of style in a few short months. I wore this dress for NYE two years ago but with rose gold being such a coveted shade at the moment, I decided to break it out again this year. The coat complements the dress so well and will keep me warm while walking in the brisk winter air. What are YOUR New Year’s Eve plans?

Rose Gold Glam 2
Rose Gold Glam 3
Rose Gold Glam 4
Rose Gold Glam 5
Rose Gold Glam 6
Rose Gold Glam 7
Rose Gold Glam 8
Rose Gold Glam 9

December 2015

I was wearing;

Forever 21 Rose Gold Sequin Dress; Similar HERE

Forever 21 Rose Peacoat; Similar HERE

Shoemint Nude Pumps; Similar HERE

Riviera Feather Headband; Exact HERE

Urban Outfitters Heart Clutch; Similar HERE

“Rose Gold Glam” Photographed by Rachel Emerson

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Turtlenecks & Tweed 1

Waiting for Christmas used to seem like an eternity when I was younger. Now that I’m an adult, it creeps up on me a little quicker each and every year. I met Luke last December and as our one year anniversary is approaching, I’m still wondering where this year has gone. To get into the Christmas mindset, I wanted to start doing holiday outfit posts as I love getting dressed up and going to Christmas parties and festive holiday events. This outfit is perfect for a Christmas office party because the tweed jacket helps it to look a little more professional and put-together, while the combination of maroon tights and platform booties keep it young and fresh. What is your favorite part of the holiday season?

Turtlenecks & Tweed 2
Turtlenecks & Tweed 3
Turtlenecks & Tweed 4
Turtlenecks & Tweed 5
Turtlenecks & Tweed 6
Turtlenecks & Tweed 7
Turtlenecks & Tweed 8
Turtlenecks & Tweed 9
Turtlenecks & Tweed 10

December 2015

I was wearing;

MNG Red & Black Tweed Jacket; Similar Here

Forever 21 Cream Long-Sleeved Turtleneck; Similar Here

American Eagle Black Pleated Skater Skirt; Similar Here

Target Maroon Tights; Similar Here

Steve Madden Black Suede Platform Boots; Similar Here

Victoria’s Secret Studded Chain Crossbody; Similar Here

“Turtlenecks & Tweed” Photographed by Rachel Emerson

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Baby Blues & Berets 1

The ONLY thing I like about winter is being able to wear warm coats and jackets. I think all of us have a favorite piece of clothing or accessory to shop for and mine are coats, sunglasses, and shoes. I am a jacket hoarder and I love the fact that they’re so easy to just throw on and how they can transform your entire outfit. I paired this baby blue faux-leather Forever 21 jacket with a grey turtleneck and black jeans. I really like how the collar-less jacket looks over a turtleneck as it can sometimes look stiff and awkward over just a t-shirt. I wore the fun leopard-print beret to match the turtleneck and jeans, but also to add some print to the otherwise solid ensemble. The black ankle boots are from the Sam & Libby line at, you guessed it, Target (The day I wear shoes that aren’t from Target will be the day that pigs can fly). What is your favorite thing to shop for?

Baby Blues & Berets 2
Baby Blues & Berets 3
Baby Blues & Berets 4
Baby Blues & Berets
Baby Blues & Berets 6
Baby Blues & Berets 7
Baby Blues & Berets 8

December 2015

I was wearing;

Forever 21 Grey Long-Sleeve Turtleneck; Exact HERE

American Eagle Black Hi-Rise Jeggings; Exact HERE

Sam & Libby for Target Black Ankle Boots; Similar HERE

Forever 21 Baby Blue Faux-Leather Jacket; Similar HERE

Forever 21 Grey Leopard-Print Beret; Similar HERE

“Baby Blues & Berets” photographed by Rachel Emerson

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