Caped in Houndstooth

This outfit makes me feel like a modern-day Audrey Hepburn, which I am ecstatic about as she is one of my biggest inspirations. It seemed only fitting to put together an outfit inspired by one of my heroes and feature this beautiful cape (Because Superheroes and Capes, duh… I had to). Since the sweater and cape are solid, I wanted my pants to add some pizazz to the look. These Old Navy Pixie pants did just the trick. The houndstooth print isn’t too distracting and keeps the look playful, but still mature. If you don’t have a pair of these pants, I highly recommend them. They always have new patterns and colors every season and they’re my favorite dress pants because the crop and the fit are so flattering. I finished off the look with some pointed ballet flats, which tied the whole 60’s-inspired look together nicely. Who is your Old Hollywood girl crush? Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor? Let me know in the comments!

Caped in Houndstooth 2
Caped in Houndstooth 3
Caped in Houndstooth 4
Caped in Houndstooth 5
Caped in Houndstooth 6
Caped in Houndstooth 7
Caped in Houndstooth 8

February 2016

I was wearing;

H&M Maroon Cape; Most Similar I could find Here

French Connection Black Turtleneck Sweater; Similar Here

Old Navy Houndstooth Print Pixie Pants; Similar Here

Forever 21 Bow Flats; Exact Here

“Caped in Houndstooth” Photographed by Kurt Eslick

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Sweaters & Sherpa 1

Hello! Hope February is treating you all nicely and you’re doing your best to stay warm. Since Valentine’s Day is this week, I wanted to share this outfit as a *warm* date night look option. I’ve seen a lot of V-Day looks that have consisted of a cute dress and a pair of stilettos, which is awesome if you live in a warm climate but seriously y’all, the east-coast highs have been in the 30’s this week and I’m about to freeze to death. I know many of you will sacrifice warmth to debut a cute new outfit but with this look, you can be glam and toasty at the same time. I’m not about that winter life and probably never will be, but this coat is like a warm hug that shields me from the brisk February wind. So now let’s talk about Valentine’s Day plans… Luke and I are making a nice dinner at home (we both hate crowds) and then we’re going to see… wait for it… Zoolander 2!!! (I’ve honestly been counting down the days!) What are your Valentine’s plans?

Sweaters & Sherpa
Sweaters & Sherpa
Sweaters & Sherpa 4
Sweaters & Sherpa 5
Sweaters & Sherpa 6
Sweaters & Sherpa 7
Sweaters & Sherpa 9

February 2016

I was wearing;

Forever 21 Maroon Marled Sweater; Exact Here

Forever 21 Maroon Sweater Pencil Skirt; Similar Here

Forever 21 Teddy Sherpa Coat; Similar Here

Target Mossimo Nude Heels; Exact Here

“Sweaters & Sherpa” Photographed by Kurt Eslick

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