London Photo Diary 1

I recently visited the U.K. for the first time over the summer. We were primarily there to visit Luke’s family and to sort out his visa situation, the latter affording us a couple of days in London. Paris has really set the bar unfairly high for any future visits to famous capitals. I tend to have high expectations when visiting big cities, as I’m always on the hunt for the next location I’ll fall in love with. I feel like I didn’t spend enough time in London to truly get a feel for it, but the two 10-hour days I was there didn’t excite me as much as I was hoping it would. I did, however, manage to shoot some of the things that I was inspired by during my short time there so keep scrolling to see London through my eyes. I’m looking forward to returning one day and doing some of the things we didn’t have time for on this trip, such as visiting a market (We were planning on going to Camden Lock Market), having a picnic in Kew Gardens, seeing the inside of Westminster Abbey, and visiting the Notting Hill neighborhood to walk down the photogenic streets lined with pastel walk-ups. London is just so big and busy and when you have to be back to catch a bus on time, going to places across town is quite risky. I’m looking forward to exploring more of London in the future, but I think it’s safe to say that Paris continues to be my favorite city thus far. ūüôā

P.S. Read about my visit to Sketch, a non-traditional option for an exquisite afternoon tea experience in London here.

London Photo Diary 2
London Photo Diary 3

(Left) Beautiful architectural details inside St. Pancras rail station. (Right) A swan swims tranquilly in St. James Park, a peaceful escape from the city located directly in front of Buckingham Palace.

London Photo Diary 4

One of my favorite little quirks about London was the window boxes decorating almost every residence that were overflowing with colorful flowers.

London Photo Diary 5
London Photo Diary 6

(Left) Facade of Westminster Abbey where royal coronations and weddings (including that of Prince William and Dutchess Kate) have been held for nearly 1,000 years. (Right) Interior of the former Covent Garden farmer’s market. Now a fashion, food, and cultural destination in London, Covent Garden was one of my favorite areas because it was so lively and had something for everyone.

London Photo Diary 7
London Photo Diary 8

(Left) There were so many beautiful stoops throughout London, but I particularly loved this pistachio green door. (Right) The Elizabeth Tower, which houses the famous bell known as “Big Ben” is a part of the Houses¬†of Parliament building and is a true London landmark.

London Photo Diary 9
London Photo Diary 10

(Left) View of the London Eye from the North side of River Thames. (Right) One of my favorite window displays on Oxford Street, London’s most¬†famous shopping area.

London Photo Diary 11

Interior of St. Pancras station where we arrived to and departed from our London day trip.

London Photo Diary 12
London Photo Diary 13

(Left) Gorgeous gardens and elaborate golden gates surround Buckingham Palace, the royal residence. (Right) The quintessentially British red double-decker bus driving down Oxford Street.

London Photo Diary 21
London Photo Diary 14
London Photo Diary 15

Harrods was one of my favorite places in London. I’ve been to several high-end shopping centers, including many in Dubai and Paris, but the shopping experience at this British department store is unmatched. Instead of being elegant in a grandiose way, such as Galleries Lafayette in Paris, shopping in Harrods is like walking through a chic fashionista’s closet and being invited to play dress-up. I walked right up to a Chloe Drew bag (which is at the top of my designer wish list) and examined the fine craftmanship in my own hands. Most stores would only ever have a $2,000 bag on display through a glass case, not just casually sitting pretty on a shelf. I’ve never felt more welcomed to browse through numerous rooms and several floors of high-end pieces than I did here. If and when I ever have money to spend, I will go back to Harrods for the experience alone.

London Photo Diary 16
London Photo Diary 17
London Photo Diary 18
London Photo Diary 19
London Photo Diary 20

(Left) We didn’t arrive in London in time to see the famous changing of the guards at Buckingham, but we did get to see a trooper of the Household Calvary horse-back so that’s even better because HORSES. (Right) The National Gallery, a world-renowned art museum which houses an incredible collection of oil paintings, is situated at the top of Trafalgar Square, a popular meeting and common area.

London Photo Diary 22

“London Photo Diary” Photographed by Emily Davis

© Emily Davis

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The Brilliant Bomber 17

I’m beyond excited to finally feature my favorite versatile and wearable trend for the Fall and Winter 2016 season – the bomber jacket. This cold weather staple comes in a plethora of fabrics from simple satins to heavily embroidered works of art. No matter which style you prefer, this piece is about as versatile as they come and to prove it, I decided to feature my¬†H&M army green satin bomber¬†in my first ever post with multiple outfits curated around one item. I have been wanting to do a post like this for quite some time because I think it’s a great source of inspiration if you’re on the fence about a trendy and/or expensive purchase. If you’re anything like me, ¬†you’re constantly on the hunt for versatile closet staples that afford you the most bang for your buck. Keep scrolling for all three of my looks created with this fabulous bomber jacket, along with styling tips and, as always, product links. Leave¬†me feedback in the comment box below and let me know if you would like to see more of these “3 in 1” posts!

The Brilliant Bomber 1
The Brilliant Bomber 2
The Brilliant Bomber 3
The Brilliant Bomber 4
The Brilliant Bomber 5

Bombers aren’t just for casual days – if you’re looking for a fun and on-trend replacement for your blazer, look no further than the new jacket in town. Bomber jackets instantly ooze a playful and sporty vibe and offer that effortless look that we’re all aiming for. Ready to throw on a bomber over your workwear? My biggest tip for pulling off this trend at the office is to alternate fits – a tighter and more structured bomber paired with loose yet work-appropriate pants (such as the H&M pair that I’m wearing) OR an oversized bomber over a pair of classically fitted cigarette trousers. When it comes to incorporating trends in a subtle way, there is always a balancing act involved (i.e. fitted vs. oversized, pattern vs. solid, texture vs. smooth, etc.).

The Brilliant Bomber 6
The Brilliant Bomber 7
The Brilliant Bomber 8
The Brilliant Bomber 9
The Brilliant Bomber 10

Bombers are great for nearly any occasion, but I can’t help but think that they were made for a sassy night out on the town as they’re not too bulky, can be worn unzipped like a cardigan, and they’re the perfect complement to a glam outfit. I have opted out of wearing a jacket on cold winter nights out for fear of ruining my outfit more times than I can count but now that this bomber is in my life, I think it’s safe to say I can now look fab and be warm simultaneously!

The Brilliant Bomber 11
The Brilliant Bomber 12
The Brilliant Bomber 13
The Brilliant Bomber 14
The Brilliant Bomber 15
The Brilliant Bomber 16

And last, but certainly not least, everyone’s favorite casual look – a white tee and jeans. A bomber jacket is the perfect piece to dress up this go-to style. I’ve also worn mine with joggers before because let’s be honest – I wear joggers more often than I wear jeans on my days off! Keep this look plain and simple with a solid t-shirt and lightly distressed, fitted denim. I love the combination of the olive green jacket and my tan Nike Thea’s, and these colors are heavily in my fall color palette rotation so I know I can pair this dynamic duo with many more outfits.

September 2016

“The Brilliant Bomber” Photographed by Luke Bowes

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Business in Brocade 1

The universal theme for the fashion trends of the Fall and Winter 2016 season was most definitely opulence, with designers’ meticulously patterned creations made with gilded details flowing down nearly every runway. So I wanted to incorporate the FW16 fabric of choice – brocade in my trend series to showcase a realistic (and affordable) way to justify it being a necessity in your fall wardrobe. I recently had a request to see some non-traditional, work appropriate outfit options and I think this look is perfectly professional while still maintaining personality. I’ve never worked in a corporate atmosphere (with the exception of my high-school internship to which I wore ill-fitted khakis…Let’s all take a moment of silence in remembrance of those awful pants and my pre-college lack of style..) but I think the most important aspect to always look for in workwear options is fit. Finding a good fit is all about balance – not too loose and just tight enough to be flattering – and honestly it can sometimes be tricky, especially if you’re on a budget. I always visit the store to try on clothes whenever possible to make sure they fit me well. Remember that you can always have things tailored, too if you like the overall fit but want a piece to be tighter or shorter in certain places. We all have different body types and shapes and we have to accept that no one looks good in everything. Find shapes and cuts that you feel great in and build your wardrobe with variations of those – be it with different colors and patterns or slightly different silhouettes. If you’re wanting to incorporate a little more character into your workwear, the best technique in which to do so is to find small repetitive patterns and soft yet unique colors in classically professional silhouettes, This H&M brocade floral skirt is a timeless pencil skirt shape in a subtly on-trend fabric. A large print or bright color tends to be more on the risky side of business attire as it can sometimes be too distracting. Finish the look off with office appropriate accessories like this DKNY satchel and these blush Sam Edelman pumps and you’re good to go! Let me know if you’d like to see workwear looks more regularly represented here on Epicurean Emily and which other FW16 trends you’d like me to cover (list¬†here) and previous posts in this series¬†here¬†and¬†here.

Business in Brocade 2
Business in Brocade 3
Business in Brocade 3
Business in Brocade 4
Business in Brocade 6
Business in Brocade 7
Business in Brocade 8
Business in Brocade 9
Business in Brocade 10

September 2016

I was wearing;

H&M Bow Knit Blouse; Similar Here

H&M Brocade Floral Skirt; Exact Here

Sam Edelman Blush Suede Pointed Toe Pump; Similar Here, Here, and darker pink Here (Also styled Here and Here)

DKNY Blush Satchel; Similar Here, darker pink Here (Also styled Here and Here)

“Business in Brocade” Photographed by Luke Bowes

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Fall Sweater Guide 18

The official start of fall is this week and with it comes hayrides, Pumpkin Spice lattes, and sweater weather! As a constantly cold person, I take every chance I get to wear a sweater – it’s the next best thing to my warm and cozy sweatpants and makes me look pretty put together so easily. I used to never buy sweaters from fast fashion retailers because I thought that they would be such poor quality that they wouldn’t last the season. But I went on a little (or big…) Forever 21 sweater haul last winter when I realized that all of my sweaters that I’d had since high school were looking a little ragged. My updated collection saved me during the winter and most came out looking practically brand new. I’m really careful with all of my clothes (yes, I am that girl that will take a $17.90 Forever 21 blouse to the dry cleaners and pay $4 to have it cleaned) but I aim to be even more gentle with sweaters. From cashmere to cotton, knitwear is all very delicate and should be washed as such. Here are my top sweater care tips;

  1. Hand wash in lukewarm water with a dash of detergent and let soak for 10 minutes.
  2. Gently ball up sweater to squeeze out the majority of the water. Don’t wring – it will cause elongation.
  3. Rinse out tub and add clean water. Place sweater in water and swish around to remove any sticky detergent that may be clinging to the fabric.
  4. This may be the most important step – Always, always, ALWAYS lay your sweater out flat to dry, even if you didn’t hand wash it and just threw it in the washing machine. When it comes to knitwear, heat is the enemy which is why its soaked in lukewarm water and NEVER dried with heat.
  5. If your sweater is still excessively damp, let it dry on a flat surface with a white towel underneath (the white prevents the bleed of the dye from the towel onto the sweater).
  6. Gently re-shape the fabric as it dries, paying special attention to the sleeves as this is where elongation is most prone to happen. Grab either side of the flattened sleeve and gently tug in opposite directions.
  7. Once dry, fold and store. Never store knitwear on hangers as it causes stretching.

Follow these knitwear care commandments and you will keep everything from affordable synthetic sweaters to 100% cashmere pieces looking their very best!

P.S. Every piece listed is under $45! Happy shopping!


Transitional Options

These are the perfect sweaters that you’ll be wearing for the milder fall temps. This¬†Zara short-sleeve sweater¬†is sporty but sophisticated and because of its turtle-neck you could continue to layer it over or under warmer pieces for winter. The¬†H&M Lace detailed sweater¬†is a must-have staple piece for fall because you could use it to dress up a pair or jeans or tuck it into an on-trend skirt or pair of trousers (brocade or floral print, anyone?) and it comes in 3 great colors (I love the blush, but the olive is too good to pass up for fall). I’ve already purchased this¬†H&M striped knit dress¬†after falling in love with it on Instagram. The fit is great because it’s not too tight but also not too loose, and if you’re afraid of looking too matronly, the slit shows the perfect amount of skin to make it flattering. The¬†Missguided¬†options I’ve linked keep everyone’s favorite off-the-shoulder trending pieces relevant for fall with Bardot OTS shapes and cold-shoulder cut-outs.

Classic Sweaters

These sweaters are a bit more traditional, but you all know my style is anything but boring so while these options may be classic and some timeless, they have unexpected details. The¬†Forever 21 basic mock neck sweater¬†is the most affordable and most versatile piece to have in your fall wardrobe. I love all the colors and the mock neck collar provides modernity. A camel-colored sweater like this¬†H&M merino turtleneck¬†is a year-round staple that can be worn just as well with cutoff shorts as it can be with boots and jeans. Since I normally wear high-waisted jeans, I’m always looking for the perfect cropped sweater like this¬†Forever 21 cropped turtleneck¬†– and I love every color that this one comes in! They’re all so perfect for autumn! Military and nautical influences were seen all over the FW16 runways. This¬†Zara patch sweater¬†and¬†Zara striped navy sweater¬†are a great way to subtly incorporate these of-the-moment trends into your outfits without investing in a statement piece that may go out of style in a few years. If you need a basic ladylike sweater to wear both to the office and to a chilly September date night, look no further than this¬†Zara basic sweater. It comes in any color you could want and what attracted me to it was the button detail on the cuffs. It’s the little things, am I right?

Cardigans & Ponchos

Cardigans are a girls best friend in these transitional months. You can still get away with wearing tank tops and strappy dresses in the fall by simply throwing a cardi over them. On my casual days, I also utilize my favorite flowy cardigans by pairing them with black leggings and a tee which is a great technique to dress up the college girl uniform. This¬†Zara classy buttoned cardigan¬†reminds me so much of the classic Chanel aesthetic. Pair it buttoned with a tweed skirt (another Chanel staple), or leave it unbuttoned over a simple LBD (little black dress) for a more effortless elegance. This¬†H&M draped knit cardigan¬†is perfect over everything – even jeans and a white tee as shown on the model, and it comes in several practical colors that you’ll be able to get a lot of mileage out of! Ponchos and shawls are big for fall, but I usually have a hard time finding affordable ones because they tend to be a little too Coachella-esque with crocheted patterns and knit tassels. So I was ecstatic to find this¬†Forever 21 color blocked poncho¬†with a simple cut and a great color palette – neutral enough to pair with almost everything, but also interesting enough to shine as its own statement piece. The¬†Zara cowl neck cardigan¬†is a great option for a more dressy basic cardigan. Personally, I like a little draping on the cardis that I wear with jeans or leggings to keep me from looking boxy, but the product photos show this one worn with jeans as well. I would tend to wear this one with dressier pieces such as patterned trousers and a blouse or a skirt or dress. If you need styling ideas, Zara has created a different look for each of the many colors that this cardi is available in, so that is also a great resource for inspiration!

September 2016

“Fall Sweater Guide” written by Emily

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A Day at Blue Whistler Farm 1
A Day at Blue Whistler Farm 2
A Day at Blue Whistler Farm 3
A Day at Blue Whistler Farm 4

Luke and I always try to make the most out of our weekends. We’re not the type to frequent the movie theater every Friday night – we’re always on the hunt for unique experiences. Because of our recent move, Durham is our oyster and with sites like¬†Get Offline¬†and plenty of contacts at Duke who are more than happy to lend recommendations, I don’t see us getting bored any time soon. I found out about Blue Whistler Farm on Facebook by seeing their “Open Farm” event. According to¬†their website, Open Farm and Markets are typically held every second and fourth Sunday of the month but the next one will be held on October 9th. See their¬†event calendar¬†for more activities and “Like” their¬†Facebook page¬†to be in the know with up to date info (in the event of a cancellation, etc.).

A Day at Blue Whistler Farm 5
A Day at Blue Whistler Farm 6
A Day at Blue Whistler Farm 7
A Day at Blue Whistler Farm 8

Anyone close to me knows about my strong feelings against factory farming. It is ruining our country in so many aspects that I don’t think were initially anticipated by corporations and the FDA, but they believe that they are in too deep now to admit that they were wrong and remedy the situation. Mass-produced livestock eats primarly (or in most cases, only) GMO-produced feed which makes them abnormally large, equaling more meat. Antibiotics are heavily administered to prevent infection from breaking out because of the confined quarters. When we eat this poor-quality “meat”, we are ingesting the GMO’s and the antibiotics as well. The run-off from their waste is toxic and spawns disease in vegetation (E.Coli outbreak¬†in Spinach). If I kept typing all the things I despise about the American “industry” of farming, you would be reading this post until Monday. So when I find a special place like Blue Whistler Farm, I have to share it. This farm, located in Bahama, North Carolina (20 minutes north of Durham) is run by young couple Josh and Amy Sliffe. It is a sustainable farm using non-GMO feed and creating an environment on its 5 acres that allows the animals to fulfill their natural duties, “with the larger animals mowing, the smaller animals scratching and spreading”, the farm is naturally efficient. As someone who cares very deeply for animals, I love being able to see them in an environment that they were created to be in and that is exactly what Blue Whistler is all about – raising livestock the way they were meant to live, informing the community about these amazing animals, and providing that community with quality experiences and products. If we want to put an end to factory farming, we have to start supporting trustworthy, local farmers like Amy and Josh.¬†¬†P.S. I learned that the poultry eat lots of bugs, including mosquitos, and I’m here to say that we had no issues with bug bites whatsoever during our visit (I don’t even remember flies being a nuissance).

A Day at Blue Whistler Farm 9
A Day at Blue Whistler Farm 10
A Day at Blue Whistler Farm 11
A Day at Blue Whistler Farm 12
A Day at Blue Whistler Farm 13
A Day at Blue Whistler Farm 14
A Day at Blue Whistler Farm 15

There is plenty to do and see on open farm day. Carrots and apples for the rabbits and pigs are welcome (and I would recommend bringing some – nothing like some food-inspired motivation to bring the animals up close and personal). Chicken holding 101 was a favorite among the children, but the tire swing came in a close second. There were plenty of newborn animals for this open market, although the piglets were my favorite (I just can’t handle the cuteness of those curly little tails)! After making our way around the farm, we stopped at the¬†Bluebird Bakery¬†stand to grab some sweet corn and blackberry ice cream (unexpected combo, I know, but so delicious!).

A Day at Blue Whistler Farm 16
A Day at Blue Whistler Farm 17
A Day at Blue Whistler Farm 18
A Day at Blue Whistler Farm 19

Visiting Blue Whistler Farm has been one of my favorite things we’ve gotten to do so far in Durham. It makes for a unique weekend experience and spending some time on the farm gives you an unmatched sense of peace¬†that you will carry for the rest of your Sunday and into your week. The whole family will love it and it’s a great educational opportunity for the kiddos to learn about¬†farming and livestock. Bring a picnic if you like, or grab a pastry or ice cream from BlueBird, find a bench or a spot in the grass and just take some time to appreciate farmers like Amy and Josh who are committed to sharing their sustainable practices with their community – and don’t forget to leave without some Blue Whistler Farm fresh meat and eggs. I’m pretty picky when it comes to eggs – I like a rich, orangey yolk, but thanks to their chickens’ variety of diet these are some of the best eggs I’ve ever had!

Helpful Links;

Blue Whistler Farm’s Official Website

Blue Whistler Farm’s Official Facebook Page

BlueBird Bakery’s Official Facebook Page

Get Offline (Primarily in North Carolina right now, except Nashville, but will be available in more cities soon)

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Marvelous Metallic 1

As I continue my series on trends for the FW16 season, we move from an unexpected autumn color combo¬†to a futuristic trend reiterated all over the runways in the form of everything from pleated skirts to shoes – metallic. Since I’m not a big jewelry wearer, I tend to love a good pair of statement shoes or a bag to provide my looks a bit more sparkle or color. Out of all of the metallic pieces seen on the runways, shoes are definitely the most versatile. Pair with skinny jeans and a graphic tee for a modern take on a classic look, or mix and match with some other trends of the season – bold but muted patterns – namely florals, or with a brightly colored velvet skirt or layered slip dress. No matter how you wear metallic, the shiny finish provides playful modernity to virtually any look. Have any fall trends you’d like to know how to pull off? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

Marvelous Metallic 2
Marvelous Metallic 3
Marvelous Metallic 4
Marvelous Metallic 5
Marvelous Metallic 6
Marvelous Metallic 7
Marvelous Metallic 8
Marvelous Metallic 9
Marvelous Metallic 10

September 2016

I was wearing;

Kirna Zabete for Target Printed High-Low Dress; Similar Under $30, Under $20, Under $20, Under $15 Clearance

Forever 21 Metallic Pointed Loafers; Similar Under $50, Under $40

Quay Australia “My Girl” Sunglasses; Exact¬†Here

“Marvelous Metallics” Photographed by Luke Bowes

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Monuts Restaurant Review 1
Monuts Restaurant Review 2
Monuts Restaurant Review 3

We haven’t been living here in Durham for all that long, but we’ve somehow managed to eat at Monuts a few times already. I feel like I should be ashamed of going to one restaurant multiple times instead of trying new places, but when you find a place as special as Monuts, you will be willing to wait in line all day for a peach pistachio donut. From what I’ve heard (I can’t tell you because I’m a repeat customer at only one restaurant), Durham is quite the foodie town. Over the next two years I plan on eating around to see if Bull City truly lives up to the title of the “foodie capital of the south“, and of course I plan to document my experiences for all of you, too. ūüėČ Something that particularly excites me about the Durham food scene is that “farm-to-table” dives seem to be the name of the game. I am a strong supporter of local farming and eating seasonally so I’m thrilled that this “trend” is catching on and I hope it continues as more and more people begin to think about where their food is coming from. Monut’s menu is made by hand from scratch using locally sourced, seasonal ingredients. They began selling donuts off of a tricycle at the local farmers market, upgraded to a restaurant, and moved to the current Ninth Street location after they out-grew their previous store-front. I’ve only been on the weekend so I don’t know how applicable this is Monday-Friday but if you want a table, you should be there when they open. For this review, we arrived about 10 minutes prior to the eight o’clock Sunday morning opening and there were already a handful of people waiting outside. Saving tables isn’t allowed until you’ve placed your order and gotten a number to put on your table-top, so finding a spot is definitely a matter of good timing. The bar however, is first come first served so if you see a couple of free chairs, snatch them up and wait on the bartender to take your order.

Monuts Restaurant Review 4
Monuts Restaurant Review 5
Monuts Restaurant Review 6
Monuts Restaurant Review 7
Monuts Restaurant Review 8

Something that is really unique about Monuts is that they are not only a bomb bakery, but also a full-service breakfast and lunch joint. It’s the perfect brunch spot because there is truly something for everyone – not just donut aficionados. Their variety of breakfast sandwiches is vast, but even if you can’t find anything on the main menu to tickle your tastebuds, there is always the option to build your own sandwich or create your own breakfast or lunch with a customizable side plate (think avocado toast and maple Sriracha home fries, to name a couple of¬†choices). This time around, I tried the “Heirloom Summer” sandwich with a plain bagel, ch√®vre cream cheese, heirloom tomatoes, over-medium farm eggs and basil pesto. Albeit a little challenging to eat, the flavor combinations in this sammy were amazing and it featured some of the freshest and most flavorful tomatoes I’ve ever eaten. Luke chose the “Guac Dirty to Me” – house breakfast sausage, farm egg, red onion, queso fresco, and – of course, guacamole between a fresh biscuit. You can’t go to Monuts without getting donuts, so I chose the Peach Pistachio yeast (traditional donut) while Luke chose the Blueberry Pancake (cake donut). I’ve eaten many donuts in all my carb-loving years, but Monuts are continually some of my favorites and these two flavors were no exception. I couldn’t believe how much the blueberry pancake tasted like an actual pancake and Luke and I were arguing about the science behind gourmet donut making before coming to the conclusion that maybe buttermilk was the secret pancake-flavored ingredient.

Monuts Restaurant Review 9
Monuts Restaurant Review 10
Monuts Restaurant Review 11
Monuts Restaurant Review 12
Monuts Restaurant Review 13
Monuts Restaurant Review 14

I know I don’t have much validity to say this quite yet, but Monuts is definitely my favorite Durham dive so far. I relate to Leslie Knope in more ways than one but in particular, our undying love for breakfast foods is eerily coincidental – I could eat eggs, avocado toast, waffles, or even donuts for every meal and be perfectly satisfied. I imagine that kind of versatility is what keeps people coming back to Monuts time and time again – their menu is anything but boring and with their seasonal offerings, ¬†you could come once every week for a year and never have the same breakfast twice. But these sandwiches and sides are mere supporting characters to their superstar – the Monut donut. With classics such as plain glazed to more gourmet options like the¬†North Carolinian – a sweet potato cake donut with a bourbon & sea salt glaze, Monuts donuts are sure to please the entire crew.

Monuts Website

“Monuts Restaurant Review” Photographed by Emily Davis & Luke Bowes

© Emily Davis

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Cobalt Cool 9

While I love shopping for all kinds of autumn clothing, stocking up on fall footwear is my favorite. I’m sure all of you who have been readers for any length of time know that Target is where I do most of my shoe shopping. They almost always have fashion-forward styles at amazing prices and I’ve had Target shoes that have held up for over two years with regular, seasonal wear. However, my favorite red bullseye retailer is a little lacking in the boot department (seems to be the case more-so this year, but I’ve honestly never been overwhelmed with their shoe selection for the colder months). I know that I can be very particular – which can be a blessing or a curse depending upon the day, but when I shop for boots at reasonable retailers, I notice an annoying pattern. I see boring colors, repeated shapes year after year, and poor quality materials (I’m looking at you, faux-suede!) There is no modernity in their winter selection. I know that many¬†women are in search of cognac riding boots and western-style booties come autumn and I understand the need to cater to the masses, but Target’s design department seems to produce cute pieces for women with more unique personal styles in every other season and leaves us out in the cold come winter. So I’m writing this guide with the girls who don’t want to look like equestrians and cowgirls in mind – the girls who want to have trendy, stylish, AND affordable options. I know that many of these selections may be a bit above the Target price-range, but I would rather pay just a bit more to have better quality shoes for the colder months since I feel that the winter takes such a toll on them and cheap shoes begin to look really worn out after only a few outings. Comment below and tell me your favorite shoes from the post and also which fall staple item(s) you’d like me write about next!


Over The Knee Boots

I must admit that Over the Knee boots intimidate me a little bit. Maybe because my first pair had a narrow heel and the tops folded down and reminded me of a trashy pirate Halloween costume. Lots of people love wearing OTK boots under leggings which makes it even harder for me to appreciate them. But as much of a love/hate relationship that I may have with over the knee boots, I must admit that they really are a versatile staple, making your favorite summer dresses autumn-appropriate or spicing up a pair of skinnys for date night.


Flats work for any and every season, whether you’re running to the office or vacationing in Europe. The lace-up trend is still going strong and I’m still loving it. However impractical they may be, the pom-pom flats are at the top of my wish-list because they’re so unique and I love the understated and muted colors. Slipper loafers are also having a moment right now, and while I can’t afford the embroidered Gucci pair, I love the unique striped detail on these Zara ones.


I have a thing for booties, y’all. I would consider my personal style a tad on the edgier side and it can be very hard to find tall edgy boots that don’t make you look like a hooker… or a pirate. So booties are my go-to by default.

#Trending; Patent & Velvet

Sock boots are huge this year, making them the only decent thing to come out of Kanye West’s Yeezy fashion line. Personally, the true “sock” boots aren’t for me (I don’t like my shoes to suffocate my ankles) but they have spawned a lot of modern options donning patent leather and clear heels, which I can definitely get on board with. Velvet was all over the FW16 runways and if you’re a little intimidated by the trend, starting with a velvet statement shoe is the way to go because it can be styled both femininely or edgy and it’s not overwhelming either way.


I just purchased these Adidas maroon superstars and I’m obsessed with them. I know they will get so much use over the next few months. Please note that this style is only available in Men’s and “Big Kids” sizes. BK sizes will fit up to a women’s size 9, just subtract your normal size by two (I’m normally a size 7.5, so I ordered a 5.5 in Big Kid size).

September 2016

“Fall & Winter Shoe Guide” written by Emily

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