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Hello! I’m Emily, a passionate twenty-something living in North Carolina, accompanying my boyfriend while he is completing an MBA program and caring for our rescued pup, Flash. Always called to be creative, I have been an artist of many mediums throughout my life, drawing horses and designing dream bedrooms in my youth and more recently, documenting my reality through photography. I fell in love with travel during my collegiate years and nothing excites me more than experiencing a new culture for the first time (while photographing it, of course!).  Although I don’t yet know what it looks like, I am pursuing a purposeful yet creative career to utilize my eye for design and to encourage others to experience the world from alternative perspectives. No matter what my career evolves to become I aspire to, above all, help others. My hope for Epicurean Emily is that it will become a resource for those who want to take charge of their own health and well-being and change our broken and self-seeking culture into a more compassionate and inclusive world. Read Epicurean Emily’s Mission to find out how I fell into the health & wellness world!

Epicurean Emily’s Mission

If someone had told me that I would eventually be sharing green beauty, nutrition, and wellness topics when I created my fashion, travel, and food blog, Epicurean Emily in 2015, I probably would’ve assumed they were joking. But life throws its curveballs and in 2016 when I finally made the connection between the food I was eating and the products I was using to my persistent health problems and declining mental well-being, I fully realized the power that each of us holds over our own health. I spent 2017 experimenting with this new way of living, wanting to share the changes I was making with my online audience, but feeling as though I didn’t have enough expertise to do so. Over the year, I forced myself to continue producing fashion content, all the while witnessing my friends and family fight battles with cancer, infertility, obesity, diabetes, & depression. I realized that if I didn’t start sharing the dangers of the standard American diet and the toxic chemicals hiding in everything from our makeup to our toothpaste, my friends and loved ones may not ever have the tools to heal themselves from these horrible diseases plaguing our modern world.

            I hope to make the new Epicurean Emily a “guide” to all things natural beauty, plant-based nutrition, and holistic wellness. I want my site to be a resource that I wish had existed when I was just beginning to research dangerous cosmetic ingredients for myself, or when I was discovering alternative medicine for the first time after immunotherapy, surgery and round after round of antibiotics all prescribed by my conventional M.D. weren’t eliminating my ongoing bout with acute sinusitis. (Read more about that here). My renewed purpose in running this blog is to equip you with the information and motivation you need to take your life and your health back into your own hands. Unfortunately, we live in a corrupt society where doctors are little more than salesmen, at the mercy of Big Pharma. Most medical professionals never take a single course on nutrition. Why? Because Big Broccoli will never be influencing their paycheck. We live in a world where toxic man-made chemicals are innocent until proven guilty and the Personal Care Products and Cosmetics industries are highly unregulated by the FDA. These industries are self-policed and allowed to decide for themselves whether or not to poison the public with their toxic concoctions, used in everything from our deodorants to our lipsticks and laundry detergents. I’m here to spread the truth about the harm to our health and our environment that these greedy, profit-driven companies are causing and to teach you how to resist it and inspire others to do the same.

            A quote that describes this season of my life is one of my favorites, by Lily Tomlin, “I always wondered why somebody didn’t do something about that and then I realized, I am somebody”. I know these topics aren’t as light-hearted as fashion and travel, but in a world where so many of our family members and friends are dying from preventable diseases, I feel especially called to share my story. I hope that it adds value to your life and your health.