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February Floral 1

How about this weather, y’all?! Here in North Carolina, we’ve hit seventy degrees nearly every day for the past couple of weeks. Craziness. I try to not think too much about the fact that it’s probably unseasonably warm due to global warming, and try to just enjoy the extra sunshine and mild temps. Luke and I visited Duke Chapel for a Sunday service last weekend and spent the afternoon on campus taking photos and grabbing lunch before heading home. The campus is beautiful in any season, but I have a feeling Spring is going to be my fave. I just hope these gorgeous cherry blossom trees (and all the other blooms currently budding!) stick around till then! Lots of people request workwear outfit ideas over anything else, so I’ve been trying to find ways to incorporate them into my outfit posts, but I’ll be honest- I’m not a corporate gal and I’m by no means an expert on professional attire. I really enjoy putting these together since I don’t work in an office environment because I feel like I get to play dress-up every once in awhile but I’m pretty sure I’ve worn this skirt for nearly every workwear post I’ve done… #Oops. 😂   If you’re really looking for a good resource to rev up your office style, may I suggest taking a look at Memorandum. The author, Mary, has an entire “office style” tab and hint- she doesn’t wear the same skirt in every post like me. 😳   For which occasion do you need the most outfit inspiration? Work? Formal events? Casual outfits? Let me know in the comments so I can plan to cover those topics here on Epicurean Emily. Wishing you all a lovely (and warm) week! 😊

February Floral 2
February Floral 3
February Floral 4
February Floral 5
February Floral 6
February Floral 7
February Floral 8

LC by Lauren Conrad Black Blazer (no longer available, similar options linked)

Forever 21 Black & White Blouse (no longer available, similar options linked)

H&M Floral Brocade Skirt (no longer available, similar options linked) Also worn herehere, and here

Sam Edelman Blush Suede Pointed Toe Pump (no longer available, similar options linked) Also worn hereherehere, and here

DKNY Blush Satchel (no longer available, similar options linked) Also worn hereherehere, and here

H&M Black Floral Applique Sunglasses (no longer available, similar options linked) Also worn here

February 2016

“February Floral” Photographed by Luke Bowes


Spring Break Packing Guide 1

Confession time… I’ve never been on a traditional “Spring Break” trip. Personally, beaches packed with a bunch of rowdy college kids funneling beer and throwing wet T-shirt contests never really appealed to me- I know, I’ll admit that I’m an old lady at heart. If I could re-visit my college days though, I would love to have saved up money for a girls getaway one year for Spring Break. Somewhere tropical, but not too far away, like the Bahamas would make for a relaxing and rejuvenating week off from classes and a memorable time with my closest friends. Although I don’t know when my next trip to the tropics will be, I’ve been dreaming of returning to the beach and basking in the sun’s warmth so I put together this little post including some of my favorite summer must-haves for your next getaway! Happy Shopping!

Spring Break Packing Guide 2


I’ve been getting my swimsuits almost exclusively from Victoria’s Secret for so many years now, I almost didn’t know where to turn this year now that they’ve eliminated swimwear from their brand. I loved VS suits because I never had to worry about whether the bottoms had adequate lining or if the tops would be too sheer. I had certain styles that I knew were most flattering on me, so I would just stick with those and get a new color or pattern every now and then. VS PINK released new suits this season and, luckily, the ones I found are a little more refined than styles I’ve seen PINK release in the last few years! I know lots of people like Target’s swimwear, but I didn’t see anything that really caught my eye. I was really impressed with J. Crew’s selection, though it is a bit out of my price-range. They have several very classic swimsuits, with a few trendy ones for good measure. ASOS had some really cute & affordable options, but many of my favorites were already sold out like this one, and this one. I will have to test out some new swimwear brands this year and report back to you! I’d love to hear about your current go-to suits!

Spring Break Packing Guide 3


Please, please, please do not check your suitcase without packing it up with some mineral sunscreen! I swapped my traditional, chemical-laden sunscreen for a mineral one last summer and I’ve never looked back! Let’s just say it’s almost better to get burnt by the sun’s rays than it is to be slathering your body up with the toxic chemicals these products are comprised of. Learn more about these harmful ingredients and the benefit of mineral-based alternatives here. A little disclaimer; Zinc Oxide/Titanium Dioxide-based sunscreens are more “pigmented” than chemical sunscreens, so don’t expect the white “tint” to fade away completely- a small price to pay to avoid toxins if you ask me!  I have yet to try the COOLA option linked above, but it has rave reviews and it’s one of the only more natural sunscreens with a skin-tone evening feature so this would be a great product to use on your face! I’ve been loving Herbivore‘s products lately and use the Rose Mist before applying my facial moisturizer, so it would be a great product to utilize (in addition to your moisturizer) for restoring hydration to sun-exposed skin and also for freshening up during a day at the beach. Sun hats & sunnies aren’t just chic accessories- use them to protect your delicate eyes and facial skin! Less sun exposure ultimately equals less wrinkles! I’m in love with my Lo & Behold Naturals peppermint lip balm and would probably opt for swiping some sunscreen on my lips before applying it (as it doesn’t have SPF). But the tin is not very beach (or sand!) friendly so I may try this COOLA one on a trip with lots of sun exposure.

Spring Break Packing Guide 4


I’m definitely the type of beach-goer that would be all set for the week with a few bikinis, some sunscreen, and a pair of sunnies because all I care about is laying in the sand all day, every day! Apart from these essentials, I will usually pack some denim shorts, casual graphic tees & tanks (this is another swimsuit cover-up option in a pinch, but I’m not crazy about the combo of sunscreen skin and tight clothing), summery sandals (at least one nice pair of flats and one pair of heels/wedges), and some breezy dresses. I typically don’t even bring jewelry, but I was too excited about the Sugarfix by Baublebar for Target collection not to share these fun and affordable options and I think you could really mix and match them with any and all of the dresses I’ve linked. P.S. I’m calling it now- I think these Steve Madden Jaylen wedges will sell like hot cakes so if you like them, buy them NOW! Chloé originally released this style, then Mark Fisher came out with a dupe last summer that was perpetually sold out (and it looks like the same is already happening again this year). These wedges are practically identical to both high-end pairs for less than half the price of the designer dupes! Yet another reason to love Steve Madden!

“Spring Break Packing Guide” Photographed by Emily Davis

© Emily Davis


Girly For Galentine's 1

Valentine’s Day is upon us and while many of you are currently on the hunt for the perfect date night dress, I wanted to feature a fun and flirty look to show you that cliché slinky red dresses don’t have to be your only option. Whether you’ve got a fun Galentine’s girls’ celebration planned or a dinner reservation with that special someone, its always fun to think outside the box and a create a look that’s unexpected yet festive. I pulled together this one with several well-loved closet staples (you can see how I styled them in past outfits via the links below!), and I get such a sense of accomplishment when I make a completely new outfit with things that I’ve worn so many times before. Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to treat yourself to a pretty new piece, but I definitely don’t think it’s a necessity- pull together pinks, reds, and/or feminine accessories and you can easily create a love-worthy look. Sending you ALL lots of love this Valentine’s Day! ❤️

Girly For Galentine's 2
Girly For Galentine's 3
Girly For Galentine's 4
Girly For Galentine's 6
Girly For Galentine's 7
Girly For Galentine's 8
Girly For Galentine's 9
Girly For Galentine's 10

H&M Bow Knit Blouse (no longer available, similar options linked) Also worn here and here

H&M Chiffon Blush Bolero Jacket (no longer available, similar options linked) Also worn here

Forever 21 Maroon Knit Pencil Skirt (no longer available, similar options linked) Also worn here

Topshop “Gorgeous” Gold Glitter Mary-Janes (no longer available, similar options linked) Also worn herehere, & here

Urban Outfitters Heart Closure Crossbody (no longer available, similar options linked)

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