How to Turn Your Resolutions into Habits

Having been a content creator for a couple of years now, I’m fairly familiar with the inhibiting desire to constantly make myself more efficient, so as to be able to accomplish more “to-do’s” each day. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, wife or husband, parent or student, we all struggle with some combination of prioritization and time-management while going about our day to day lives.

Resolutions never seemed to be the solution for me. While the desire for self-improvement is endearing, more often than not it ends in disappointment. We become disappointed in ourselves because we get caught up in the excitement of a new year and set unattainable goals for our imperfect human selves and when we fail, we chastise ourselves for even trying in the first place.

So how can we make our good intentions for the new beginning last all year long??? Here’s my idea—instead of trying to tackle a big laundry list of improvements and lifestyle changes all at once, I’ll be taking it month by month. Beginning in January, I’ll incorporate at least two new goals/resolutions I want to put into practice each month. This is very customizable- you could do any combination of goals (fitness, nutrition, religious, personal, interpersonal, parenting, professional, whatever!) you want. What I like most about this approach is that it is cumulative. When you’re able to rope your resolutions into small actionable practices that are fairly easy to incorporate into your day, they’re more likely to become second-nature habits.

Here’s what I’ll be working on in January 2018;

  • Interpersonal – Call my Mom & Dad at least once/week
  • Blogging – Publish at least 2 new blog posts/week
  • Fitness – Practice yoga at home once/week

The whole point of this approach to resolutions is for it to be manageable. If you currently don’t work out at all, going to the gym 5 times/week might not be a sustainable habit for you early on, especially once you begin to add new habits every month. If you get a gym membership and start working out a few days per week and feel that you could go additional days, then by all means, do that. But instead of pushing yourself too far early on, leading to burnout and lack of motivation to want to work out at all, take it slowly and work together with your body and your (realistic) schedule. What do you think about this approach to tackling your New Year’s Resolutions? Comment below and tell me how you’ll turn your resolutions into habits!

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