Floral Blouse Two Ways 1
Floral Blouse Two Ways 2

I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of mixing prints, but usually tend to shy away from pairing two patterns together for fear that it may be too obnoxious. But when I saw this gorgeous H&M floral blouse, I knew I had to style it for a fun workwear look and print mixing was the answer, since I don’t own any solid slacks… ?  I really think the two patterns balance out nicely and here are a few reasons why;

  • The combination of an organic pattern (floral) and a geometric pattern (grid pattern), balance each other out because…
  • …the scale of the patterns is varied. Notice the floral pattern on the blouse is large and random. The small print on the ankle pants is repetitive and structured, which provides a much-needed stability to the look.
  • Both colors are neutral. By now, y’all know that I consider blush a neutral and it is a staple shade throughout my wardrobe, as it adds just a hint of color but can still look professional, feminine, or fun. I definitely don’t think neutral is the only option when it comes to mixing prints but it’s a great way to ease into the somewhat intimidating trend, especially when dressing for the office.
  • I added a belt and a vest to break up and create separation and space between the two patterns. It may seem like accessories would overwhelm an outfit with multiple prints but, when used thoughtfully, they really tie the look together.
  • Repetition exists not only in the patterns, but in other elements of the outfit. The strappy heels mimic the cinching created by the black strappy belt.

Have you ever played with print mixing? What are your fool-proof tips for nailing this trend?

P.S. This blouse was so nice, I just had to style it twice! ?   So the outfit with the skirt is just a fun weekend look but I think it could be made into an office look, too, with the chiffon pleated skirts and block-heeled sandal I’ve linked below!

Floral Blouse Two Ways 3
Floral Blouse Two Ways 4
Floral Blouse Two Ways 5
Floral Blouse Two Ways 6
Floral Blouse Two Ways 7
Floral Blouse Two Ways 8
Floral Blouse Two Ways 9
Floral Blouse Two Ways 10
Floral Blouse Two Ways 11
Floral Blouse Two Ways 12
Floral Blouse Two Ways 13
Floral Blouse Two Ways 14
Floral Blouse Two Ways 15
Floral Blouse Two Ways 16
Floral Blouse Two Ways 17

H&M Floral Print Long-Sleeved Blouse (linked above)

Old Navy Printed Pixie Pants (pattern no longer available, similar pattern linked)

Victoria’s Secret Faux-Leather Pleated Mini Skirt (no longer available, similar options linked) Also worn here and here

Target Mossimo Black Ankle Strap Heels (no longer available, similar options linked) Also worn herehere, and here

Target Mossimo Nude Caged Heels (exact color no longer available, similar color linked) Also worn here

April 2017

“Floral Blouse Two Ways” Photographed by Luke Bowes

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February Floral 1

How about this weather, y’all?! Here in North Carolina, we’ve hit seventy degrees nearly every day for the past couple of weeks. Craziness. I try to not think too much about the fact that it’s probably unseasonably warm due to global warming, and try to just enjoy the extra sunshine and mild temps. Luke and I visited Duke Chapel for a Sunday service last weekend and spent the afternoon on campus taking photos and grabbing lunch before heading home. The campus is beautiful in any season, but I have a feeling Spring is going to be my fave. I just hope these gorgeous cherry blossom trees (and all the other blooms currently budding!) stick around till then! Lots of people request workwear outfit ideas over anything else, so I’ve been trying to find ways to incorporate them into my outfit posts, but I’ll be honest- I’m not a corporate gal and I’m by no means an expert on professional attire. I really enjoy putting these together since I don’t work in an office environment because I feel like I get to play dress-up every once in awhile but I’m pretty sure I’ve worn this skirt for nearly every workwear post I’ve done… #Oops. ?   If you’re really looking for a good resource to rev up your office style, may I suggest taking a look at Memorandum. The author, Mary, has an entire “office style” tab and hint- she doesn’t wear the same skirt in every post like me. ?   For which occasion do you need the most outfit inspiration? Work? Formal events? Casual outfits? Let me know in the comments so I can plan to cover those topics here on Epicurean Emily. Wishing you all a lovely (and warm) week! ?

February Floral 2
February Floral 3
February Floral 4
February Floral 5
February Floral 6
February Floral 7
February Floral 8

LC by Lauren Conrad Black Blazer (no longer available, similar options linked)

Forever 21 Black & White Blouse (no longer available, similar options linked)

H&M Floral Brocade Skirt (no longer available, similar options linked) Also worn herehere, and here

Sam Edelman Blush Suede Pointed Toe Pump (no longer available, similar options linked) Also worn hereherehere, and here

DKNY Blush Satchel (no longer available, similar options linked) Also worn hereherehere, and here

H&M Black Floral Applique Sunglasses (no longer available, similar options linked) Also worn here

February 2016

“February Floral” Photographed by Luke Bowes

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